We are sure everyone knows a story of a friend or family member who has had a beloved pet involved in an emergency, maybe even hit by a car, or maybe even elderly and had a stroke.

Does the story go something like this:
“They have rushed their pet into the doctor or to the emergency clinic and this is where the horror begins. The story usually starts with the triage estimate. They are told their pet needs a full work up. These work ups generally include IV catheter & fluids for stabilization, full set of x-rays, full blood panel, and beginning medications to lessen the effects of the trauma. Were you shocked when they told you that would be about $1000 if not more? And were you further surprised when they told you that was the first 24 hours? Then the next step came. The doctor found the cause of the illness and/or injury and now it was time to discuss treatment. This treatment plan is usually separate and in addition to the first treatment plan quoted. This is when the costs really begin to escalate. This is when our friends and family begin to tell us of the thousands of dollars they have to spend to save their family member. This is when as owners, they must decide whether they can afford the costs involved with this level of care. This is when cost decides whether or not their pet can live.”

For the few who have the expendable income or the credit card availability, these decisions are easy. Save my pet!!!! For the others, it is usually euthanasia and all the guilt and emotions that come with ending a family members life because you can not afford it.

You know these veterinary stories do not even have to be this dramatic. What about the pet owner who has found that veterinary care for routine visits has gone up over the years. With the advances in medicine for animals, veterinarians are requiring annual blood work, annual heartworm testing, bi-annual fecal testing, bi-annual check ups. How does an owner keep up?

How can pet insurance help you?

Peace of Mind:
Pet Insurance can assist owners when the unexpected happens. Pet Insurance can assist you in providing the well pet care you want to give your pet. Pet Insurance makes necessary care more affordable.

Pet Insurance can be used with any licensed veterinarian any where in the country. This includes any veterinary specialists your general practitioner may refer you to.

Houston Veterinary Hospital will file claims and handle your claim processing needs.
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Veterinary Pet Insurance:

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